Chacón & Rodríguez and Samuel Chacón recognized as “Recommended Law Firm” and “Recommended Attorney” by Global Law Experts

As part of Lawyers leaders recommendation and referral service in several areas of law practice in more than 110 countries, Global Law Expert granted in early 2011,  Chacón & Rogríguez and Samuel Chacón the acknowledgement as “Recommended Law Firm” and “Recommended Attorney” for Project Finance in Mexico.

Fulfillment of Corporate obligations during the first quarter of 2011

The General Law of Corporation establishes some obligations that must be fulfilled every calendar year.  A General Shareholders or Partners’ Meeting must be held every year within the first 4 (four) months following the conclusion of each fiscal year (i.e. before April 30th).   Such meeting must discuss the following matters:  (i) report of the Board of Directors or Managers, in connection with the operations of the Company during the previous fiscal year, (ii) approval of financial statements and of the report of the Examiner, if applicable; (iii) allocation of profits or losses from the previous fiscal year; (iii) removal, appointment and/or reelection of members of the Board and Examiner(s) of the Company.


Chacón & Rodríguez collaboration in the book “China Outbound Investments”.

Chacón & Rodríguez is participating in the research and drafting of the Mexico Chapter of the book “China Outbound Investments” which will be published in mid-2011 by CCH HK Ltd., with the assistance of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The book will be a legal and useful guide which will offer Chinese investors and lawyers with a concise overview of a wide range of legal systems, oriented to outbound Chinese investment projects. The Mexico chapter includes the following topics: 1. Government approval and registration requirement; 2. Investment vehicles; 3. M&A rules and merger control; 4. Financing; 5. Foreign exchange control; 6. Property law; 7. Intellectual property; 8. Labor law; 9. Investor liability; 10. Dispute settlement; and 11. Taxes.